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Young Living Essential Oils

Pure therapeutic grade organic essential oils

  • exquisitely aromatic & rejuvenating
  • nourishing & FDA-approved for food
  • non-toxic & safe for the whole family
  • disinfect and freshen your home, office or car
  • Young Living's essential oils are pure, organic therapeutic grade
  • YLEO owns their own farms & distilleries

What are organic essential oils?

As our food, water and air have become contaminated all over the globe, many laboratory studies are confirming the powerful germicidal and antiseptic qualities of Young Living Essential Oils.

How to use essential oils

Essential oils are a real treat. Find out how to use them — and how easy it is to use them.

Which essential oils should I use?

While we now send shoppers directly to Young Living Essential Oils for their purchases, our "store" pages still contain good information and reviews about specific essential oils — and you'll find more information in our newsletters.

Why are Young Living therapeutic grade organic essential oils better?

Because essential oils go right into the body, it's important to ensure their purity and quality. Cheap "essential oils" may be impure, adulterated or distilled with petrochemical solvents. Fulfilling the first criteria of purity still leaves a significant number of other important parameters that can make or break the quality, safety and usefulness of your essential oils. Find out how Young Living's therapeutic grade organic essential oils can benefit you in Quality = Value

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The PREMIUM STARTER Kit is the best way to begin using Young Living Essential Oils. The single essential oils, blends & sample pkts in this brilliant collection offer ongoing benefits that will make you glad you chose these real deal therapeutics. You'll also get a pocket guide to help you decide whether to diffuse them, wear them, or eat them. Available in our portal at Young Living.

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Get 7 essential oil blends that support natural energy in the Golden Touch I collection

 Melrose to neutralize germs while it soothes, EndoFlex, JuvaFlex & Di-Gize for digestion & assimilation. Raven and R.C. to relieve congestion & pain. Plus Young Living's best selling Thieves revolutionary blend to defend and protect.

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