Essential Oils for the Skin

I'm a believer in skin care with organic essential oils from Young Living — but for beginners, it's tough to know what to use.

  • To rejuvenate and heal skin:
  • To prevent and retard wrinkles:
    Sage, lavender, spikenard, and myrrh
  • To regenerate the skin:
    Geranium, helichrysum, and spikenard
  • To restore skin elasticity:
    Rosewood, lavender, Ylang ylang with lavender

Essential Oils to combat aging of the skin

Apply frankincense, helichrysum or patchouli on location, neat or diluted in 1 oz. V-6 Mixing Oil or a jar of Rose Ointment.
6 drops rosewood
4 drops geranium
3 drops lavender
2 drops frankincense

Essential Oils for Dry Skin

Single oils: Lavender, helichrysum, patchouly, and cypress.
Skin Care Products: Essential Beauty Serum (dry) NEW!

Morning Recipe
10 drops tangerine
10 drops cypress
Or Essential Beauty Serum (oily) NEW!

Mix with 1/2 oz. V-6 Mixing Oil and massage on location.

Nighttime Recipe
8 drops geranium
5 drops cypress
5 drops helichrysum
1 drop peppermint

Mix well with 1/2 oz. V-6 Mixing Oil and massage starting at the feet and legs. Seal with Cel-Lite Magic.

SUPPLEMENTS: Inner Defense Purely Oils capsules — NEW!
Omega Blue fatty acids — NEW!

Wrinkled or Rough Skin

Single Essential Oils: Frankincense, helichrysum, cypress, rose,
lavender, ylang, patchouli, sage, geranium, clary sage, rosewood,
sandalwood, jasmine, neroli, palmarosa and spikenard.

Essential Oil Blends: Frankincense with Gentle Babyblend.
Lavender with AromaSilk Sensation Lotion;
Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil
Add 10 drops of frankincense to an oz. of Sandalwood Moisture Cream and
apply on location. (avoid eyes)

NOTE: Take care to keep lotion or oils away from eye area.

Dry Skin Recipe
5 drops sandalwood
5 drops helichrysum
5 drops geranium
5 drops lavender
5 drops frankincense
Mix with AromaSilk Genesis Body Lotion and apply to skin.

SUPPLEMENTS: Life 5 living Probiotic and Longevity Purely Oils capsules — NEW!

Additional Topical Skin Therapy

Orange Blossom Face Wash; Lavender, Melaleuca-Geranium and Lemon-Sandlewood Bar Soap; NeuroGen and/or Regenelone Creams; Essential Beauty Serums — NEW!

ART Skin Care System for state-of-the-art convenience.
Boswellia Wrinkle Cream is rich in frankincense for aging skin.
Wolfberry Eye Cream is food for tender skin near eyes — NEW!

Rose Ointment was developed to manage skin hydration and to supply nutrients necessary for healing and regeneration – superb for sores. Moreover, it contains no synthetic chemicals which can cause skin irritation.

Information provided is quoted from the Essential Oils Desk Reference published by and available from Essential Science Publishing:

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