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Many people rave about using Young Living Essential Oils. We thank these customers for their permission to use their essential oil testimonials. ~ Lynn Cameron

"I love the quality of these oils. I use peppermint all the time to smell or on temples for stress relief before the headache — ahh. I also love breathing the air in my diffuser, comforting, and when others are ill, cleansing. Thank you, Lynn, for all your knowledgeable advice."

~ Colleen Bigler, California

"Lynnie, I used some lavender, lemon, and mint with olive oil, when I was nursing both girls to keep blocked milk ducts from getting infected — never had to use antibiotics, even when a huge one lasted a month — no easy fix — "

~ Emily Armstrong, New Hampshire

"I have never once regretted my first purchase of oils. I still use the oils after ten years and have gone through many Essential 7 Kits among other blends and single oils as I've learned along the way how wonderful they are. My family has benefited greatly and as a mother of two, my children are now attuned to the oils. They know what to ask for now if they get a cut, or cold. They have been oiled since infancy. I have had issues with my stomach via gallbladder stones, digestive struggles and that peppermint has taken severe discomfort away in a pinch. RC has prevented me from having to take my son to the doctors because his cough did not progress. I learned if I use the oils four times a day with him it cuts the healing time by 70 percent. My husband has a physical job accruing sore muscles, PanAway is a true gem. These oils are amazing! Anyone out there using them will learn very quickly how incredible they truly are. It is so empowering to have these oils at hand knowing their quality and the fact that it's natural! And, a little goes a long way. Joy and Peace & Calming are my favorites, as I wear them as perfume and don't have an allergic reaction to them. I could go on and on about these oils. I can't say enough about the Raindrop Kit either ... a very wonderful must-do for any seasonal changes or physical imbalance. Thank you for all of your guidance over the years with the oils."

~ Nina Glendinning, LMT, New Hampshire

"I'm hooked on Young Living essential oils! I use the essential oils and products in various ways. The biggest reason I use the oils is for uplifting my spirit — I just love the scents — when I smell them, they make me feel good. As a Yoga instructor I am in tune with the grounding affects the oils have on my body. The sense of smell is directly connected to the root Chakra and the root chakra is related to the earth element. Since the oils come from the earth it's no wonder I have an innate sense that the oils help me feel grounded. So one of the ways I use the oils is in the evening before bed to help settle my energy. I use a couple drops of Lavender or Peace and Calming to help relieve any fatigue I might have and sometimes when I'm experiencing restless leg syndrome. A foot massage with a couple of drops of the oils and a few minutes of deep& relaxation usually cures the symptoms so I can get to sleep. Thanks for introducing me to these life enhancing wonders."

~ Mary Bartel, New York

"Animal Scents Skin Ointment is such a wonderful product. I use it 3 times daily on my baby's skin, for his eczema. The times that I do not use it consistently on him he breaks out in a horrible rash that itches and weeps. Animal Scents Skin Ointment really is a blessing."

~ Sara Carlson, Wisconsin

"I had a candle in my bedroom spill like crazy on my beautiful hard wood floor. First, I removed the biggest clump by placing a brown paper bag over it and using an iron to heat it up and peel it up. There as a lot of residual and a lot of mess from from the splashing of the melted candle as it it the floor from a wrought iron stand. Anyway, out of fear of using anything that would ruin my floor or be toxic to the kitties walking around the space, I thought to use some Young Living Citrus Fresh blend in almond oil. So I used about 6 drops in a small amount of oil and used a cotton ball and voila ... it removed all the residue and my floor was shiny like new."

~ Mary, Inner Quest Yoga Studio, Adirondack Mountains

"Good thing you're dealing with the oils thing for us — you're right I haven't really had the time to address the situation. I ordered extra lavender and valor for my brother and sister and us too. Barnaby is having such a dramatic change, everyone is amazed. Not only is he up and about using a walker, but he's so positive and happy and encouraged. His bed sores are gone thanks to the lavender oil and rose creme and my split thumbs, that I get every winter, are much better from the rose creme too. This stuff is so cool, no wonder you're so convinced about essential oils ..."

~ Francine Gourguechon — artist, Chicago

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