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Essential Oils Diffuser
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The Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Young Living's new essential oils ultrasonic diffuser atomizes distilled water to a cool mist that carries the aroma molecules of your choice throughout your home as it hydrates the atmosphere — the mist sanitizes your environment as just one of the many benefits of diffusing essential oils. This deep-well aromatherapy diffuser comes with simple directions for using its long-lasting timed functions. In addition, the wisps of mist are illuminated to great effect by the multi-colored LED lights whenever you wish to use this special feature.

How a diffuser works

The essential oils, pressured by air and a small electric pump, burst through a pinhole opening and explode into billions of fragrant droplets so tiny they can float suspended in air for many hours.  Breathing this nebulized form of the essential oil brings you definitive health benefit long after the scent dissipates, and the diffuser is turned off. You might find the difference in cost from less efficient models is offset by your fast response when using therapeutic-grade essential oils in Young Living's diffuser.

What does a diffuser do?

Diffusing ALL essential oils increases the oxygen in your body.  Getting more oxygen is energizing, and the delicately pervasive aroma can really boost the spirits.  If your goal is weight loss, emotional balance or hormone support, put a few drops of essential oil into the unit's solid metal base and breathe in the wisps from the tip of the graceful glass nebulizer. Sandalwood, peppermint, vetiver, lavender, and White fir oils have been recommended by aromatherapists but all Young Living oils are appropriate for diffusing.

Why use an essential oils cool-air diffuser?

Essential oils act on mind and body together making them truly unique among natural therapeutic agents, and research has shown the mid-brain hormone command center (hypothalamus) and corresponding emotional responses throughout your body are strongly affected by fragrance and inhaled aromatic compounds.  Germany is the source of much research data in natural hygiene; there traditional aromatherapy specifically focuses on inhalation of essential oils.  Other methods of using essential oils are topical application (English) and ingestion (French).

SAVE $20 NOW when you build your diffusing collection with Holiday Oil Collection (#4801) — nine vials of nature's living energy that are edible, too. We've found over the years that the sooner you use a diffuser, the sooner you begin to benefit from essential oil use. Cloak your home with pleasant and protective Scents of the Season after you choose your diffuser from the 3 styles offered.

These oils work their magic for man, woman and beast and are especially suited for massage! Relax, unwind, and regain balance with Young Living's Soothing Massage Collection (#4450) containing lavender and peppermint. I've found it to be a welcome gift idea for a wide range of ages and interests.

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